Lahaina Cooking Class

Very few people think of this but one of the best ways to enjoy Lahaina while on vacation is to spending the day at a cooking class.  Some of the restaurants on the island offer an intimate cooking class taught by their chefs.  It’s a great way to enjoy your day, learn some new things, enjoy good food, and learn about the Hawaiian culture and food.

Celebrity Chef, David Paul, offers a cooking class once a month at his renowned David Paul’s Island Grill location.  The class size is very small so that everyone in the class gets the personal attention of the chef.  Together as a group, he will teach you and help you prepare your own five star meal.  It’s a very fun session that includes drinks and wine.

He will answer questions and teach you some of his personal cooking techniques and secrets.  After the meal is prepared, you will sit down at a table with the chef and enjoy the meal.

It’s a very fun experience and one that you can do with your significant other.  Besides, it’s is not every day that you get to be taught by a master chef in his own kitchen and get to dine with him as well.

I strong recommend it.

Old Lahaina Luau

No trip to Maui is complete without experiencing a authenticate Hawaiian Luau. The best place in our book is the Old Lahaina Luau which allows you to experience an ocean front luau where they cook a pig in a imu. A imu is an underground pit lined with hot rocks and the pig is placed inside of it can covered up with banana leafs and seaweed and allowed to cook for many hours.

This is about the most authenticate and entertaining show that you can get on Maui. Be sure to make reservations early as where you seat is dependent on how early in advance your reservation was made. Don’t wait until you are on your trip to make your reservation. Make sure to do it well in advance to guarantee a good seat. You can elect to seat on traditional Hawaiian mats or on conventional tables and chairs.

The entire event last about three hours. There is the presentation of traditional Hawaiian music and hula show. You are greeted with fresh flower lei and tropical drinks.
After the first hour of entertainment the pig is removed from the imu. You can watch them do this if you want. The pig is then cut up and every one is then escorted to a bountiful buffet. Among the things to be found on the menu is: Kalua Roast Pork, Laulau (Pork wrapped in Luau leaf steamed to perfection), Poi, Ahi Poke (marinated raw Ahi tuna), Big Island Sweet Potato, Grilled Tenderloin Steak, Chicken Long Rice, Island Style Chicken, Maui Style Mahi-Mahi Chef’s special preparation. Stir Fry Vegetables, Local Style Fried Rice, Island Crab Salad, Taro Leaf Salad with Coconut Sauce, Pohole Salad (fern shoots), Lomi Lomi Salmon (salmon mixed with tomatoes and onions), Banana Bread, Fresh Island Fruit, Assorted Island Desserts, Freshly baked taro rolls, Haupia.

There is a bar area for those who need more than the tropical drinks. The Old Lahaina Luau is a experience that should not be missed.