Lahaina Cooking Class

Very few people think of this but one of the best ways to enjoy Lahaina while on vacation is to spending the day at a cooking class.  Some of the restaurants on the island offer an intimate cooking class taught by their chefs.  It’s a great way to enjoy your day, learn some new things, enjoy good food, and learn about the Hawaiian culture and food.

Celebrity Chef, David Paul, offers a cooking class once a month at his renowned David Paul’s Island Grill location.  The class size is very small so that everyone in the class gets the personal attention of the chef.  Together as a group, he will teach you and help you prepare your own five star meal.  It’s a very fun session that includes drinks and wine.

He will answer questions and teach you some of his personal cooking techniques and secrets.  After the meal is prepared, you will sit down at a table with the chef and enjoy the meal.

It’s a very fun experience and one that you can do with your significant other.  Besides, it’s is not every day that you get to be taught by a master chef in his own kitchen and get to dine with him as well.

I strong recommend it.

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